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Short films of Peter Greenaway 2



Peter Greenaway
Belgium/1992/35mm/black and white/15’
Scénario/Screenplay : Peter Greenaway
Chorégraphie/Choreography : Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker
Musique/Music : Bela Bartok
Interprètes/Cast : Fumiyo Ikeda, Nordine Benchorf

An unexplained encounter between a boy and a girl in a sumptuous classical and a meditation on the tristesse d’amour.

Production : Entropie - Belgique
Distribution : Ilona van Genderen Stort - FilmMuseum Amsterdam - Pays-Bas
Tél : +31 (0)20 589 14 18 - igenderenstor


The Bridge
Peter Greenaway
UK, Canada/1997/beta SP/color/1 2’
Scénario/Screenplay/Image/Photography : Peter Greenaway
Montage/Editing : Chris Wyatt

Rotterdam celebrates a new bridge connecting the old city and the new.

Production : Kasander & Wigman Production
Distribution : Anouk de Haas - Gemeentearchief - Rotterdam - Pays-Bas
Tél : +31 (010) 2675 543 - a.dehaas@gar.rotter


Les Morts de la Seine
Peter Greenaway
France, Netherland /1988/Beta SP/couleur/43’
Scénario/Screenplay : Peter Greenaway
Image/Photography : Jean Penzer
Montage/Editing : Patrick Tornare, Benoît Maujean
Son/Sound : Gert Jan Eylers, Nigel Health
Musique/Music : Michael Nyman
Interprètes/Cast : Jean-Michel Dagory, Jim van der Woude
Voix française : Alain Franco

From April 1795 to September 1801, two mor tuar y-attendants of the Seine in Paris were given temporar y custody of some four hundred bodies whom death had claimed violently and examined conscientiously any body, writing down meticulously the details.

Production : Erato Films/Mikros Images/La Sept
Distribution France : Carine Quignon - Mikros Images - Paris - France
Tél : +33 (0)1 55 63 11 03 -


Inside Rooms: 26 Bathrooms
Peter Greenaway
Scénario/Screenplay : Peter Greenaway
Image/Photography : Mike Coles
Montage/Editing : John Wilson
Son/Sound : Andrew Boulton
Musique/Music : Michael Nyman
Texte dit par Geoffrey Palmer

What do the English do in their bathrooms ? How they decorate it, wich part of their life do it have... A film built on the arbitrary of the alphabetical order like Greenaway did on his feature film “ZOO” shot at the same period of time.

Production/Dis tribution : Sophie Balhetchet - Channel 4 TV - C4I /










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