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La LIBIDO fait son cinéma

Saturday 14th November – 9.30pm
Le Quartz, Petit Théâtre

Since 1997, LIBIDO (Ligue d’Improvisation de Brest et de l’Île D’Ouessant) has been shaking things up in and around Brest with its improvisation matches, shows and cabarets. For this 30th Festival, LIBIDO has joined up with the Brest European Short Film Festival with “Impro & Video”, a direct encounter between improv theatre and the short film format. The show brings together actors with a selection of the best films from the Festival over the last 30 years that we have on DVD. The improve actors will see the film extracts at the same time as he audience and thanks to their talent and imagination will use them to create a bigger story. Action and suspense along with amazing improvisation will create a great experience for the audience.

Stop Motion Contest : live animation filmaking

From Wednesday 11th to Saturday 14th November
Free access for all

Take part in the making of an animation film, supervised by the filmakers Victor Haegelin and Jeremy Lesquenner! From Wednesday to Saturday, join the film crew and experience life behind the scenes and the world of animation for yourself! The resulting film will be screened step-by-step on our website throughout the week.

Awards Party

Friday 13th November – 7.30pm
Le Quartz, Grand Théâtre

A special date for a special occasion… for the 30th anniversary of  the  Festival,  the  awards ceremony will take place on a Friday the thirteenth ! The competitors and festival partners will get together in a mysterious atmosphere to wait for the final verdict… It will be a very special evening of mystery, suspense and shivers down the spine for this Friday the Thirteenth party ! Don’t miss this, the highlight of the festival calendar, which may be the most exciting yet !

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