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Special screenings

We have tried to make this part of the festival into a sort of discovery-screening where the viewer can find out more about the career of a filmaker, producer, screenwriter or technician, thanks to explanations and stories told by the guest hosting the screening dedicated to them. As a European festival, we have tried to present both French and European guests who are major figures in the world of short film.



20 ans de JPL Films : Back and Forward

Mercredi 11 novembre - 17h30 - Le Quartz, Petit Théâtre

The pioneer of animation film production in Brittany, JPL Films covers everything from short films to magazine-format, from series to feature films. This programme captures all the great moments, from the thirty-times award-winner Le Cyclope de la Mer (1998), to La Petite Casserole d’Anatole, nominated at the César awards in 2015. The final three films are a nod to some of the filmakers who are currently collaborating with the studio : Jean-François Laguionie, Augusto Zanovello et Emmanuel Bellegarde.

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Questions de Jeunesse

A mix of fiction, documentary and DIY-style for these five films about urban youth, countryside skaters, teen love-stories, relating to the world and life projects. After the screening, the audience will have the opportunity to discuss the films with Ben Adler, director of the film Coach.

Jeudi 12 novembre - 10h30 - Le Quartz, Petit Théâtre

LE SKATE MODERNE / ANTOINE BESS / France / 6'43 / 2014
COACH / BEN ADLER / France / 14'16 / 2014
NASHORN IM GALOPP / ERIK SCHMITT / Allemagne / 14'59 / 2013
JE SUIS ORIENTÉE / OLIVIER RICHE / France / 2'30 / 2015
GUY MOQUET / DEMIS HERENGER / France / 28'54 / 2015

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Simon Ellis

Simon Ellis is one of the most prolific directors of short films on the European scene. Member of the jury of the 27th Festival in 2012, and often present at the festival with his work, he has, however, never had a screening dedicated to him. Our anniversary was a good opportunity to showcase the career of this king of the short film!


Jeudi 12 novembre - 17h30 - Le Quartz, Petit Théâtre

WHAT ABOUT THE BODIES / SIMON ELLIS / Royaume-Uni / 7'15 / 2002
SOFT / SIMON ELLIS / Royaume-Uni / 14' / 2007
A STORM AND SOME SNOW / SIMON ELLIS / Royaume-Uni / 2'10 / 2006
JAM TODAY / SIMON ELLIS / Royaume-Uni / 14'35 / 2011
STEW & PUNCH / SIMON ELLIS / Royaume-Uni / 16'40 / 2013

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Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre

Laure has filmaking in her blood. Her family heritage is tied up with the world of cinema. Currently an actor and producer, she has managed, with just two films, to grab the attention of both French and North-American audiences. She is working on her first feature film at the moment, and with this special screening we will find out more about her and what has influenced her work.

Vendredi 13 novembre - 17h30 - Le Quartz, Petit Théâtre

BEFORE THE BOMB / TANNAZ HAZEMI / États-Unis / 24' / 2015
ATLANTIC AVENUE / LAURE DE CLERMONT-TONNERRE / France - États-Unis / 13'18 / 2013

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