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Awakening the curiosity of the very young remains the main aim of our film education projects during the festival. This year, 5 programmes of new European short films have been compiled especially for young audiences.

For school groups : a wide variety of subjects and styles including animation and fiction, but also documentaries and experimental forms. Social issues, European perspectives, reflections on life and community, all subjects to inspire discussion once back in the classroom. There are also opportunities to meet up with filmakers.

For families : a selection of fun colourful and inspiring films to enjoy as a family. There is a special screening for toddlers, presented by Sharluber the musician, as well as the opportunity to share opinions with the “Family Award” and “Trade Secrets”.



Séance tout-petits

From 2 to 5 years old
Master of ceremony : sharlubêr
Public screening : Saturday 15 november - 11h
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Bon voyage Dimitri !

From 4 years old
Public screening : Sunday 16 november - 14h
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Des Contes et des Couleurs

From 7 to 12 years old
For school groups
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Pour les Pitchounes

From 3 to 6 years old
Public screenings : Wednesday 12 november - 10h et Sunday 16 november - 11h
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Popolo, Donald & Co

From 6 years old
Public screening : Wednesday 12 november - 14h
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Mines de rien

From 13 years old
Public screenings : Wednesday 12 november - 15h30 et Saturday 15 november - 16h
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