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Brest European Short Film Festival

12-17 NOVEMBER 2019

The Brest European Short Film Festival will open its 34th edition in 2019: 34 years of European films presented at the forefront of Europe, 34 years of attention, extensive research and close following of the authors, from their first works to their filmmaking career, 34 years of collaboration, exchange and active partnerships throughout Europe to find and meet the filmmakers where they are, in their countries of origin, to show the best of young European cinematographic creation, each year renewed and enriched with new styles, new tracks, different forms of narration and aesthetics, in touch with today’s Europe and its stories.

This is what the Brest Festival will offer again in 2019: take the pulse and bear witness to this Europe we are living in, by highlighting its young talents and their visions.

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The opening night is included in the festival pass.

CLORO - Laura Plebani © Juan Sebastian Florez

Following on from a very memorable swimming-pool cinema screening at the Spadium Parc Brest in 2017, we felt like taking the plunge once again, but this time at the opening night of the Festival! And there is no lack of swimming pools in cinema! Pools in the opening or closing scenes, private and public pools, indoor and outdoor, sun-kissed or drizzly, clean or less than clean, in Italy, Sweden, Belgium or Spain. You want swimming pools in films, we’ve got them! Enough of them to present a great selection on the subject.

These short films take place either entirely in the water or around the pool, sometimes looking at jobs associated with swimming pools, such as the lifeguard, but also looking at the question of sport – swimming, with the champion of the film Laznia, free-diving, synchronised swimming and aquatic choreography in Cloro, and even diving as practiced by our giraffe friends in the film 5 mètres 80, who show off their high-flying acrobatics! When you think of the swimming pool, you also think of school and swimming lessons – everyone can remember their first time in the big pool.

After a few lengths, the swimming pool becomes a place to chill out, perhaps accompanied by a cocktail, where we bathe in an aura of happiness and relaxation. On occasion, the swimming pool also turns into a party zone where things can get out of hand, a place of freedom where flirting, seduction and watery embraces take place alongside each other.

To end our panorama, there is a change of tone with a look at the dangerous side of the swimming pool, from which film and theatre has sourced many memorable nail-biting scenes, with mad gunmen, fights, terrifying aquatic monsters and swimming in troubled waters.

So, shall we dive in?