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Brest European Short Film Festival

6 - 11 NOVEMBER 2018


The choreography of a festival is all about finding the point of equilibrium within the instability, the harmony in the myriad constraints, in order to spend six days promoting lively, inventive and free-spirited European culture. Our mission is the orchestration of the diversity that is characteristic of the short film format, and to continue admiring it.

Come jig among the different programmes that make up our personal selection of the continent’s best short films, films that throw into question our world in order to keep on reinventing it and telling stories about it. By offering up more than two hundred different perspectives on our European societies, we are inviting you to throw yourself body and soul into a grand ball of genres, themes, moods and forms.

From euphoria to rage and from tears to love, the year’s harvest of films will have you joining in with all the dances and experiencing the full range of emotions, and we want to pull you into our embrace and share them with you. Young and old, cynics and innocents, everyone can come together through the diversity of our programmes and activities, all your different viewpoints generating debate and discussion.

So allow yourself to start swinging along to the rhythm of the short film and come and join the dance!

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Crédit photo © Axel Courtière - Belle à Croquer

With this double programme for opening night, we are setting “gifts” as the theme for the 33rd Festival! Presents have become an important part of our culture – gift-giving is a social obligation and we are demanding and catious about what we receive. But concerning short films, trust and curiosity should be the main things! So we have picked out the best short films to make up an eventful evening.

The first part of the evening will be all about giving, with films that give their all, expecting nothing in return. The second half will be all about being on the receiving end of a gift. These two festive screenings will set the tone for a week full of film fun and surprises, and so we are waiting impatiently to hand over our presents to our expectant audiences!